You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything.


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Τετάρτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Dancing In The Dark

I wonder if he knows that I am thinking about him... I bet he doesn't. I don't even understand why am I thinking about him. Perhaps it's because he is gorgeous and smart and cute... and I caught him looking at me the other night at the pub.

No, I think it's just one of those pranks the universe has been setting me up for years now. I ask for a tall guy, I meet only tall guys for a while - all non-compatible (the least). Then I ask for someone with nice eyes, and I meet this guy, with nice eyes that I cannot stand - not even on the phone.

Then I ask for a lawyer, and I meet a lawyer - no other specs for that one. Then I decide I will only go out with handsome guys, and I met this really gorgeous guy - that he is a drug addict, going to jail - it wasn't meant to be.. and then I said, "ok.. I just want a free spirit, a fighter", and I meet this revolutionist guy that turned out to be almost an extremist. That didn't work out either.

What was it this time? Well, I said I will never date someone out of the borders of the district! coz I m so tired of driving for 40 or 60 minutes just to see him... so, here I am. Thinking about someone who lives 2 minutes away from my house. It's about 15 minutes walking distance!
(.. and he has the nice eyes, the sparkle, the wittiness, the smile.. the height, he is not a lawyer, but that is a good thing actually)

It's funny... I 've never been given the chance to think about someone without worrying about anything. I know where to find him, but there is absolutely no other way of reaching out to him except from talking to him face to face. This feels so normal! I will just enjoy the moment - maybe tomorrow this feeling will be gone.

I wonder, was he actually looking at me the other night, or was he just looking at something and I was in the way? And even if he was looking at me.. this doesn' t mean anything.. I know.

Well, guess where I am going this Saturday.

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